Thursday 23 October 2008

Agenzia Fides- India- Catholic Archbishop alleges appearances of government cover-up over Indian anti-Christian Genocide

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Agenzia Fides 22/10/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Archbishop of Orissa's capital is calling the latest "inquiry" of the Indian government nothing more than a political move, saying that what is happening in the area in more than apparent, and that the inquiry is simply more efforts by a government, which show nothing more than a lack of will-power to enforce the laws, and constitution of India.

It has been claimed by news sources for months that the Indian Government's apparent efforts at preventing the effects of the anti-Christian genocide in Orissa, India, have been inefficient. Many have even claimed police negligence, as attacks have been said to happen in areas within reach of government forces, and have even been recorded to enter into refugee camps- where more resistant Christians remain. Others, of the minimum 50 000 currently still displaced or adversely affected in the religious persecution, feel safer to face the jungles than trust government officials by living in camps, others have notably fled the area entirely.

Recently- it was reported that the gradual emptying of camps was not a good sign- but rather it was observed by some and it was speculated that it was evident that Christians were moving out of the area. This was furthered last Friday when the Hindu fundamentalist who chased the Christians away from their homesteads, through violence, murder, and the burning of possessions, have since been reported as having appropriated the houses of those who barely escaped their wrath. That is to say they have taken over, and are living in the houses of those they have killed, and chased away.

It is in this context that Archbishop Raphael Cheenath of Bhubaneshwar,the capital of Orissa has accused the government of India of appearing to be attempting a cover-up of the negligence of government officials, through the current inquiry by judges appointed to look into the ongoing genocide. He has asked for impartial judges to look into the violence, and events surrounding it- clearly stating his belief that the judges currently looking into the violence have no aim at justice- but are biased from the start. The judges were appointed without consultation of victims or communities.

India still continues a practice since the beginning of the violent upheaval- of not releasing to the international press the identity of those who are killed. On the ground- the corpses are more than obviously Christian, as related- to the international press by friends and family of those primitively, yet tactically murdered.

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