Friday 24 October 2008

Retraction of lack of detail in earlier article, a detail we have now picked up as somewhat affecting the picture given in the article.


Retraction of incorrect detail:

While we did not mention that it was the embryology bill that we were covering in the original article, which we have now retracted, due to our sources, it appears we are talking about the actual bill, and not the proposed amended bill. We may or may not have given an incorrect view of the subject, however- in accordance with Journalism principles, on realizing the error, we have not only altered the article, but determined also to inform any who may have read it, of a mistake one word long. What we had called a bill- was only a possible amendment to it, which was stifled in parliament, probably following protests in Northern Ireland, in an effort to pass the bill to allow the creation of human-animal mutants, as has now been passed!

The Embryology bill was only hoped by pro-abortion advocates to include
these regulations, we made an error in our report by saying the bill
would include them- this was incorrect, on the discussion of the bill-
in order to pass it- the British did not permit the pro-abortion, or
pro-life parties to discuss amendments such as those mentioned
previously, we give our readers apologies for the error. Here is the updated version of the article! We have since removed this error of writing from the article, and offer our sincere apologies for this error, which somehow worked it's way into this specific article, while we ourselves picked up the error, if you ever see a detail in our articles which appears suspect, or even a spelling mistake, please research it, and inform us, our first aim is for truth, we unlike other organizations put truth beyond any cover-up of bad sources, or information. We not only apologize for the error, but will try our hardest to prevent any such slip of the pen from ever occurring again via extensive editing,
yours sincerely,

Editor and webmaster of
South African Catholic
Marc Aupiais!

the new article, after we picked up the error is viewable at:

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