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Fort Hood Obama's 9/11: as US State ignored all the signs...

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Article by Marc Aupiais

It now appears, from media reports, that the Fort Hood massacre, allegedly conducted by thirty-nine (39) year old Major Nidal M. Hasam, has all the downfalls of US intelligence that 9/11 made famous.

The alleged killer, a psychiatrist, has reportedly served the US (United States of America) military for over 12 years, with service pre-dating 9/11, and America’s subsequent "War on Terror". According to the media, he is alleged to have conducted many flag raising activities, from claiming non-Muslims should be tortured and graphically killed: to his fellow military health professionals, to talking with a radical Imam- via emails reportedly seen as harmless, by intelligence officials, to reportedly partaking in the transfer of money between the US and Pakistan, a country in an open civil war with the Taliban and with Al Qaeda. The alleged killer further is said to have not wanted to be deployed to Iraq, where he was planned to be deployed, when he allegedly committed the massacre.

According to CBS (CBS (Secular; Independent; American; More Left Leaning) 14 / 11 | November / 2009), a joint counter-terrorism taskforce under the not so watchful eye of the American FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had known since December 2008, of between 10 and 20 emails between the alleged Fort Hood shooter, and a radical Jihadist Imam, an imam who the Washington Post identifies as Anwar al-Aulaqi, a US citizen living in Yemen, who encouraged Muslims to kill American troops in the theatres of conflict it is involved in in the Middle East.

The Washington Post adds that it was not one, but two intelligence task teams who were alerted to this, with a member of one of these, thinking the emails nothing more than research, which the army psychiatrist, now known for allegations that he conducted the Fort Hood killings, had been encouraged to conduct.

The alleged killer of 14 people, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, was known to have sympathies with those fighting against America in Iraq, allegedly requesting unsuccessfully, that not only he, but all Muslims be freed from serving in the American military, as conscientious objectors.

Although his military lawyer would not comment to the Washington Post about any formal request:

His aunt even claimed that Hassam consulted a lawyer in desperation to be discharged, something the Washington Post seems to give some credibility to: via its article: in its quoting of an unnamed defence official, who claimed that Hassam’s training had cost the US military money, and therefore that it was unlikely he would be released from duty.

The alleged killer: Hassam, further gave a PowerPoint presentation, according to the National Review (National Review Online (Secular; Independent; American; Right Leaning) 10 / 11 | November / 2009 ), seemingly in 2007 still, in which he defended suicide bombing, and went through a list of tortures, which should be performed on all non-Muslims ("non-believers"), obviously culminating in the death of these non-Muslims. The presentation was reportedly to his fellow military medical staff, who did not report their fellow practitioner for this incidence.

Between Forty-Two (42) and Forty-Three (43) people had been injured at Fort Hood, while Twelve (12) soldiers, including pregnant woman: Francheska Velez, and one civilian, and one unborn child were killed, possibly as a result of the consistent ignoring of symptoms, the alleged killer, an army psychiatrist... consistently displayed over the years. Hassam has been charged with Thirteen (13) charges of premeditated murder in a military tribunal, but seemingly has not been charged additionally under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, or for the injuries caused the other victims. Additional charges still may be made, although what they would be is not clear. It is not clear whether the death penalty will be asked for.

The US Military's Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Hassam worked, knew all about Major Nidal M. Hasam's (39 years of age) complete preoccupation with Islam, and with war. Their solution was to order him to attend a university lecture series, on terrorism, the Middle East and Islam, according to the Washington Post (Washington Post (Secular; Independent ; American; Has been accused of Bias in the Past) 12 / 11 | November / 2009) who quote an unnamed relative of a staff member there. He further is said to have addressed physicians there, still back in 2007, claiming that Muslim soldiers must be released as conscientious objectors, rather than be made to fight other Muslims. It is noted in media, that he did not see the American wars as against Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, but against Muslims, an interesting view to be ignored.

The Washington Post, adds, that an unnamed military official, denies that Hassam ever formally asked to leave the military, despite Hassam's aunt alleging that he asked to do so. Hassam, apparently, had become unproductive, and obsessed with the position of what he allegedly perceived as Muslims, who found their beliefs contrary to their duties as American soldiers. The US military, and intelligence, ignored his opinions. In fact, he was reportedly promoted from Captain, to Major.

Republican Representative Michael McCaul, of the state of Texas, a member of the House Homeland Security Intelligence Subcommittee, has claimed, as quoted by Fox News (Fox News (Independent; American; Secular; More Right Leaning) 13 / 11 | November / 2009): that Hassam further had made communications with someone or some group in Pakistan, where the government is in an open civil war, with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Congressman, further claims that there were wire transfers between Hassam and a group or person in Pakistan. The Representative reportedly claims that he does not presently know how many monetary accounts were involved, or which way money was wired.

Fort Hood, according to SkyNews, is America’s largest military base. While giving assurances over a White House, and military investigation into the massacre, US President Barak Obama, has asked that Congress delay investigating the killing, claiming that it would be too political in its investigation. The attack has all the markings of at least one similar attack which was conducted on the ground in the Middle East, during earlier years of America’s wars. It has yet to be labelled a terrorist attack, or an act of war, or treason.

The Alleged Fort Hood Killer, who is currently recovering in Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, a hospital in Texas, having regained consciousness earlier this week: is allegedly paralysed from the waist down.

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