Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Latin Mass Schedules in November, December- quotation is not an endorsement

(Tridentine South Africa)

Note by Marc Aupiais

We have not noted an update from Una Voce South Africa, since their decision to endorse a schismatic, and subsequent failed attempt to send a message to our subscribers without our permission, in order to confront our service. We did, however, allow the group to give their response, as we also allowed the SSPX locally to.

Here is the schedule of masses, noted by the grouping in PE and Johannesburg. As our organization played a large role in publicising the Johannesburg Mass, we can confirm that it is in fact licit. The PE mass, we are somewhat sure, though not entirely confident: is licit, as we spent several hours researching a mass held by what seemed to be the same priest (who had been Mgr John Clark), but not seemingly at the parish then mentioned; via email and phone, with local authorities, when we were still co-operating with Una Voce, in the interest of the public:

We certainly do not endorse Una Voce South Africa, due to their glorification of schismatic actions, what will follow is a small quotation from their main and only website, a quotation made by us of them: for the public interest. We have not verified their claims:

This quotation is via "fair use":

"Port Elizabeth
Location: St Vincent's Church, Dennehout Street, Algoa Park.

Fridays at 5:30pm.

Location: Christ the King Cathedral, cnr Saratoga Ave and End Street.

29th November 2009 11:30am
6th December 2009 11:30am

Weekdays & Saturday:
Tuesdays, Thursdays 17:30pm
Saturdays, 7:30am

Exceptions/Additional Masses
21st December Monday 17:30pm"
(Una Voce South Africa (Used its influence in the past to glorify a schismatic priest; "Catholic"; "Independent"; South African; not endorsed by our service) 18 / November / 2009: site address

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