Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rome- Synod to focus on bible

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Southern Cross (Fidelity issues, link removed: new link explains why) 01/10/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In light of the coming synod on the Bible, the Southern Cross- is emphasizing the role of the bible in the church. What is not mentioned in their article- is that one of the Oldest popular Catholic bibles- the Douay Rheims- was published before the King James version, or that many of the so-called bible translators- were killed not for translating- something common at the time- but rather for heresy, schism, opposition to church and state- and a revolting appetite for mocking Catholic practice. They were of course killed according to the biblical principal that Aquinas emphasizes- that when acting for justice- and as just authority- a just authority- and not an average citizen- for the good of the nation's people- in Catholic morality has the right to rid the nation of such a citizen (c.f. Augustine- Just War).

Certain anti-Catholic groups may particularly focus on people such as Wycliff- whose translation was so bad- that the Catholic church had him killed. Wycliff was also a heretic- who certainly was not a modern Protestant in belief, or Tyndale- whose bible was such a purposeful mistranslation- to support Martin Luther, and whose footnotes were so anti-Catholic- that not only did Henry the 8th appose him as a heretic, before and after his split with the church, but he was eventually arrested by the secular "Holy Roman Empire"'s representatives and killed- at a time when the church had a waning influence in England (This Rock Magazine 2002;).

In fact- for all the bible martyrs fronted by those apposing the views of the church- there is a similar story.

To be in any real hatred of the Catholic church- one often must discount reason and history!

Another appearance of Catholic disrespect from the bible came about when the American government made the King James Version compulsory in schools- forcing Catholics of the time to veto these classes out of obedience to their bishops.

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