Monday, 4 June 2012

#WiiU I'm laughing! Not sure if Wii think WiiUMiiverse means us?


#WiiU  I'm laughing! Not sure if Wii think WiiUMiiverse means us?

'Nintendo has revealed the Miiverse, the company’s gaming social system designed to integrate with the   Wii U console, offering avatars, chat, communities and more. Built around the Mii avatars, the Miiverse supports text and handwritten messages that can be accessed via a mobile browser such as on a smartphone or tablet, allowing Wii U gamers to quickly get help from their friends with trickier levels and challenges.'

SlashGear | 'Wii U Miiverse unveiled: Mobile chat and more' by Chris Davies at Jun 3 2012


 Wii U - Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct Presentation - Miiverse 

advert : Wii U - Miiverse Trailer [HD] E3 2012

controller concept:

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