Tuesday 26 June 2012

If you hate your boss... Facebook will let him know... Scary Open Graph API!


What you post on Facebook as public, may not appear in Google Search, but it certainly appears in the Facebook API. We Know what you're doing, posts the foursquare location of peoples' homes, with pictures, the location of Facebook check-ins (but you have to give it access to your Facebook for that, I wouldn't) , and a list of people who say +- 'I hate my boss' on the site, +-'I'm hung-over', or +-'taking drugs' or +-'have a new phone number'.

We know What You're Doing (And we think you should stop.)


Ht to

The Next Web | 'This Site knows what you're doing, thanks to public Facebook and Foursquare Data' by Drew Olanoff at 26th June 2012


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