Thursday, 28 June 2012

That Global Military Spending Focus: over aid etc... NATO is proudly responsible for that!


Montenegro, is attempting to enter both the EU, and NATO, in order to gain that extra protection from any hostile attack, given NATO's structuring much like the treaties which caused World War One, after Austro-Hungary invaded Serbia, blaming them for the death of Franz Ferdinand.

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NATO, of course, like the EU, is exerting a lot of influence on the small country, and using it to control the Balkans, according to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's own website's press release.

NATO | 'NATO Secretary General praises reforms in Montenegro' by staff at 27 Jun. 2012:

'NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen praised Montenegro’s commitment to implement the needed reforms to meet NATO membership standards on Wednesday (27 June) after talks with the Balkan country’s foreign affairs and defence ministers.

The Secretary General voiced strong appreciation for Montenegro's clear commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration and its contribution to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. "I am very grateful for your participation in ISAF and your financial support for the Afghan Security Forces -- this is a significant effort," Mr Fogh Rasmussen said. He also commended Montenegro on its moderating role in the region, and congratulated the country on the progress achieved in its EU accession process.

He called on Montenegro to continue its momentum of reform, and to maintain an adequate level of defence spending despite tough economic times.

The Secretary General met with Milan Rocen, Montenegro’s Foreign affairs and European integration minister and Milica Pejanovic-Djurisic, Montenegro’s Defence minister. The two ministers also attended a session of the North Atlantic Council on Wednesday to update Allies on reform progress.'

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