Tuesday 12 June 2012

Church of England Stands Against 'Gay Marriage' in England!


Church of England Stands Against 'Gay Marriage' in England! Good to see a voice of reason out of them! The church was founded to allow King Henry VIII to divorce... and they have gay bishops... good to see them stand for values for once!

'The Church said introducing same-sex marriage would lead to an unprecedented clash between its own canon law - that marriage is between a man and a woman - and that of Parliament.

It also warned that in spite of ministerial assurances that churches would not have to conduct gay marriages, it would be "very doubtful" whether limiting same-sex couples to non-religious ceremonies would withstand a challenge at the European Court of Human Rights.


In a highly critical response to the Government's consultation on gay marriage which closes on Thursday, the Church of England said several "major elements" of the proposals had not been thought through properly and were not legally "sound".'

Channel 4 News | 'The Church of England warns it could be forced to stop conducting weddings on behalf of the state if gay marriage is legalised.' by staff at Tuesday 12 June 2012 BST


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