Wednesday 27 June 2012

Pro-government TV station in Syria stormed, tv staff slaughtered, kidnapped by rebels.


Pro-government TV station in Syria stormed, tv staff slaughtered, kidnapped by rebels.

In international law, a television station is a fair target... as are journalists... if they take a side in reporting, however... it is sad to see this attack against a tv station... it seems more than required force was used... it sounds more like a war crime...

I'm noting Russia Today, because the Russian government, often gives a view which counteracts Western war propaganda. In the interests of natural justice, journalists ought to be telling both sides of these sorts of stories.
Syria: Attack on TV staff 'worst massacre against journalism' (PHOTOS) — RT »
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi put the responsibility for killing of seven TV staffers on the EU, Arab and International organizations. He called it “the worst massacre against journalism ...

Here is a NATO affiliated viewpoint, from the pro-rebel French government, via AFP, to counter the Russian view!

'Live footage broadcast by state television showed extensive damage to the studios of the Al-Ikhbariya satellite channel with several small fires still burning in what it described as an unprecedented attack on the pro-government media.

"The terrorist groups stormed the offices of Al-Ikhbariya, planted explosives in the studios and blew up them with up along with the equipment," Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi told the television in a live interview.

"They carried out the worst massacre against the media, executing journalists and security staff," Zohbi said.

"This didn't come out of nowhere," he added, pointing to European Union sanctions imposed on the pro-government media.

An unidentified pro-government television channel was among the organisations hit by the latest round of EU sanctions against the Syrian authorities imposed on Monday.

Washington put the state broadcaster on its sanctions blacklist in March.

Al-Ikhbariya remained on the air despite Wednesday's assault.' AFP at 27/06/2012 below!
FRANCE 24 originally shared this post:
#SYRIA - At least three station employees were killed early on Wednesday when gunmen stormed Syria's pro-government al-Ikhbariya TV channel, the station said. The channel's broadcasts were not affected.

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