Sunday 17 June 2012

Anorexia Forcefeeding ruling should affect Euthanasia, living 'wills', legal experts suggest!


A death wish must be made, and signed while sane... a living will needs mental health professional to sign off that a patient is of sane mind... ruling suggests! Family desire to let a person die, is not enough!

Good to see some common sense... the ruling, by setting a precedent would likely mean a person signing a living will would have to be assessed as sane by a mental health professional while signing it. Good to see this happening.

Daily Telegraph | 'Anorexia court ruling could affect living wills, lawyers say' by Victoria Ward at 7:58PM BST 17 Jun 2012

'The judgment, handed down by Mr Justice Peter Jackson in the Court of Protection last week, concluded that a 32-year-old woman, identified only as “E”, who has not eaten for a year should be given life-saving treatment against the wishes of both her and her family.

Paul Bowen, QC, of Doughty Street Chambers, who acted for the local authority in the case, said of the ruling: “It should be a word of caution to people who suffer from conditions that can deprive them of capacity, where it fluctuates.

“They should have psychiatric assessments (before making an advanced directive) – it’s not enough just to sign it in front of family members, otherwise courts may set them aside.”'

Anorexia court ruling could affect living wills, lawyers say - Telegraph »
A court ruling which concluded that a severely anorexic woman should be force-fed could render living wills invalid for those believed to lack capacity, barristers warned.

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