Monday 11 June 2012

David Cameron's Government Threatens British Judges to Ignore Human Rights Court or Else!


Family trumps foreign status! But that right to family life is especially aimed at the children of foreigners! I personally, from a legal perspective, believe the judges are correct. As is the advocacy group below:

'Failure by the judiciary to listen will result in new laws to curb the exploitation of the human rights legislation by foreign criminals, Mrs May said.

Her move to take on the courts – to be launched in a Commons statement tomorrow – met with criticism from sceptical Tory backbenchers who believe statements in Parliament will not be enough to rein in the judges.

A leading immigration pressure group added that Britain would need to withdraw from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights before Parliament could regain the right to set immigration law.'

Daily Mail | 'Toughen up on human rights or we'll change the law, May tells judges who refuse to deport foreign criminals' by STEVE DOUGHTY at UPDATED: 06:55 GMT, 11 June 2012
Daily Mail originally shared this post:
Theresa May: Should foreign criminals have a 'right to a family life'? Join our debate:
Toughen up on human rights or we'll change the law, May tells judges who refuse to deport foreign criminals »
The Home Secretary (pictured) said the courts should stop allowing overseas prisoners, law-breakers and illegal immigrants to stay in Britain on the grounds that they have a right to a family life.

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