Saturday 23 June 2012

Paraguay's former president Fernando Lugo... has been impeached by his former allies!


A disgraced (pun intended) former/suspended Roman Catholic Bishop, who pushed Robin Hood policies... and betrayed his moderate allies, Paraguay's former president Fernando Lugo... has been impeached by his former allies! It is good to see democracy at work in South America! As his supporters note, South American presidents are not usually impeached for his sort of acts!

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Some consider both the former president of Uruguay and his impeachment:
to relate to scavenging for power!

A side story.. the politician who used his position in the Church...

The local Catholic Church had raised concerns that he was not a good president. His paternity claims scandals, hit the Catholic Church, which believed, he had used the name of the Church, as a former bishop to gain votes... he is a suspended bishop under 1333 §1 of Canon law, due to his disobedience to the Catholic faith (the Catholic equivalent of impeachment), and now has been impeached from the office he denied Catholicism for, just an Interesting side story.

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Some believe that this impeachment is the sunset up Paraguay's former president,
As regards his career in politics!

Lugo was removed, after police related deaths, but likely for pushing left-wing robin hood agendas, against his political allies, also!

'Lugo's removal after nearly four years in office highlighted his inability to find a balance with one-time allies who increasingly disapproved of his leftist policies and strident, uncompromising style. The trial came a day after Paraguay's lower house of Congress voted to impeach Lugo


Franco, of the Authentic Radical Liberal Party, is now to serve out the rest of Lugo's term, which ends in August 2013. The 49-year-old Franco has political experience as a former state governor and at first had been part of a political alliance that supported Lugo.

Lugo was elected four years ago on promises of agrarian reform to help the country's many poor and landless people, but his more moderate government allies have increasingly turned against him in recent years.

Lugo's impeachment trial was triggered in part by an attempt by police to evict about 150 farmers from a remote, 4,900-acre (2,000-hectare) forest reserve, which is part of a huge estate. Advocates for the farmers said the landowner, a politician, used political influence to get the land from the state decades ago, and say it should have been put to use for land reform.

Six police officers, including the brother of Lugo's chief of security, and 11 farmers died in the clash last week. Lugo's opponents blamed the president. Lugo had expressed sorrow at the confrontation and accepted the resignations of his interior minister and his chief of police.

The president also was tried on four other accusations, including that he improperly allowed leftist parties to hold a political meeting in an army base in 2009; that he allowed about 3,000 squatters to illegally invade a large Brazilian-owned soybean farm; that his government failed to capture members of a guerrilla group, the Paraguayan People's Army, which carries out extortion kidnappings and occasional attacks on police; and that he signed an international protocol without properly submitting it to Congress for approval.

Lugo's support had steadily eroded recently, while his opponents had grown stronger, said Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue think tank in Washington. "It is hard to see the offenses leveled against him as anything but a pretext for removing an unpopular president," Shifter said.


Lugo's relationship with Franco and the moderate Authentic Radical Liberal Party quickly deteriorated after he was elected with their support. His partners were upset after he gave a majority of Cabinet ministry posts to leftist allies, and handed a minority to the moderates.'

Associated Press | 'Ouster of Paraguay's president sparks criticism' by By PEDRO SERVIN and BELEN BOGADO  at Jun 23, 12:59 AM EDT

The Catholic Church, had been concerned by his bad governance

'Bishop of Caacupé, His Exc. Mgr. Claudio Gimenez, Vice President of the Episcopal Conference.
The Bishop himself has expressed his concern for the management of President Fernando Lugo, recognizing the inefficiency of the State. "We are always concerned about the situation in the country - said the Bishop -. We deal with many people of all kinds in our dioceses, and this is reflected in social life and the life of the Church because the Church is immersed in society, so she just cannot avoid being involved in everything that happens".'

Agenzia Fides | 'AMERICA/PARAGUAY - "The Church is immersed in society and cannot avoid being involved in everything that happens": The Bishops analyze the reality of the country' by Fides at 2011-11-04

Paternity Claims

'On 13 April 2009, Lugo admitted he is the father of a child conceived with Viviana Carrillo, age 26, while he was still a Roman Catholic bishop. The revelation came five days after lawyers for Carrillo announced they were filing a paternity suit against the President. Ms. Carrillo's lawyers say the boy was born on 4 May 2007. Pope Benedict XVI did not relieve Lugo from his vow of chastity until 31 July 2008.[4][5] A minor judicial investigation ensued, as it was claimed that the woman was under 18 years old when the relationship started, but the allegations were not substantiated.

'One week later, a second woman, Benigna Leguizamón, came forward in Paraguay alleging that Lugo fathered one of her children in 2002, while he was still serving as a Catholic bishop.[6] However, Lugo did not acknowledge this child as in the first case. Leguizamón then filed a lawsuit against the president demanding a DNA test.[7] Other Paraguayan bishops were reportedly informed of such allegations in 2004, but did not make them public at the time.[8]

'A third woman, political activist Hortensia Morán, appeared a day after Leguizamón and also claimed President Lugo to be the father of her child, a 16-month-old boy named for Pope John Paul II.[9] Initially, she waited for Lugo's recognition of her child. As this did not happen, she decided after seven months to sue the president.[10] The BBC reported that DNA-testing has shown Moran's child is not Lugo's.[11]

'In June 2012, Lugo admitted he was the father of a ten-year-old boy by a nurse. [12]' - wikipedia! accessed Today!

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