Wednesday 27 June 2012

Scientists hate Mathematics! - study suggests!


Journals, less likely to reference papers with mathematics, in the past editions of scientific academia, including where these note the mathematics of the science!

New research, shows that studies, including complex mathematics, are less likely to be quoted by other scientists, leading to fear that important scientific knowledge is not being maintained, scientists suggest that those crafting papers, should go through their mathematics step by step and make it easier for scientists to comprehend. In law, we are forced to do something like this in the IPAC system, and otherwise... the suggestion seems feasible!

Nature Magazine News | 'Scientists are afraid of math too, says study' by Alexander Besant at June 26, 2012 18:39 USA Time

Scientists are afraid of math too, says study »
The new study found that scientific articles that are laden with math are less likely to be cited by other scientists, suggesting that important research might be ignored.

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