Tuesday 26 June 2012

Apple's new dream child has deep problems! The New Mac Retina... leaves ghost images after they are gone!


Apple's new dream child has deep problems! And here we thought their problem was just that people with good sight will still see pixelation!
Mike Elgan originally shared this post:
Ghosting reported on some Retina MacBook Pro screens.

Uh oh: trouble in paradise. The best feature of the best product announced at Apple's recent WWDC conference, the Retina display on the new high-end MacBook Pros, is itself a potential source of problems, according to some users.

When an image is left on screen for a while, a "ghost" version of that image remains after the image is gone (see picture below).

Time to bring back the screensaver for it's originally intended purpose?


Posted first on Google+ by +Razi Amin 

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