Thursday 28 June 2012

News 24 no longer as Independent? Death of former head of Online: leads to Africanist slant, pro-ANC slant!


News 24, owned by NASPERS, formerly the Nationale Pers, has increasingly given air to anti-Western-culture (anti-Christianity etc), and pro African (Black) Supremacist articles. When I asked why non-news stories, which purely benefit the Zuma administration, were being given space, over actual news, the response, was disconcerting, News 24, blocked me. Government allied The New Age, when I did something similar, simply retweeted a reply to me. News 24, however, blocked my access to their Google Plus. Which to me is even more suspicious.

In our News Anaysis, every service I edit, will now account for the News 24 / Naspers media bias. Their seeming choice to ally their voice to that of President Jacob Zuma, and to become a Back Bencher type for the ANC, is certainly concerning to me, personally. The New Age, granted, should be taking a government view. And yet, the New Age, is not publishing the same apologetic articles, which News 24 are.

Irish Owned: Independent Newspapers, and Prime Media, still appear to be quite independent, as with national publishers Caxton... but to trust the Naspers papers, at present, is a doubtful choice, as with the Carte Blanche television show. For this reason, the non-NASPERS papers, mentioned will be seen as independent. NASPERS cannot gain that honour!

News 24, as it did during Apartheid, when Naspers supported the Apartheid Regime, and helped popularize it, seems increasingly to take a Africanist (Black Supremacist) viewpoint... in line with the current moves of the government, but contrary to economic soundness, and non-bias.

As such, I'd be interested in knowing: whether the recent death of their former online head (June 24 Antonie Roux died), could be the cause, or whether there is another explanation. Also, whether these seemingly politicized posts, are simply a fluke, I'd be interested, if I am misreading this?

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