Monday 11 June 2012

Another anti-Christian attack by Boko Harem in Nigeria! Group Demands Sharia Law Across Nigeria! The Truth Is: Religion isn't the cause of the problem!


Another anti-Christian attack by Boko Harem in Nigeria! Religion isn't the cause of the problem!

Boko Harem 'The Book Is Sin', originally formed when the Muslim students, who got university degrees couldn't get jobs on their qualifications. They only became violent, after a government crackdown resulted in a massacre. Nigeria, like South Africa has ethnic empowerment laws, which I see, along with poverty as the source of the conflict.

I don't support Sharia Law, by any means, but I don't think Boko Harem is motivated by religion, but rather: by macro-economic factors, power plays, and youths not tied down by marriage or serious relationships with empowered women.

Something needs to be done to improve the system in Nigeria, to allow for less corruption, I see that as the solution. Sharia Islamists, only emerge out of poverty. Islam otherwise does not enforce Sharia as a law of state!
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We're live: The recent attacks on churches in Nigeria has the potential to trigger further clashes between muslims and christians.  The islamist group Boko Haram, says it carried out the attacks on Sunday in response to the killing of muslims in central Nigeria.  Now, Boko Haram wants to impose Sharia Law across the country and has rejected peace talks with the government. What's your reaction to what's going on in Nigeria?  If you are in the country, christian or muslims, we'd like to here your story.  Listen here: 
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