Monday 25 June 2012

Fat helps stabilize blood sugar, calories say little and are a bad indicator, high sugar foods dieters seek are bad for you, fattening, cause craving... some dieting tips that actually work... below


Fat helps stabilize blood sugar, calories say little and are a bad indicator, high sugar foods dieters seek are bad for you, fattening, cause craving... some dieting tips that actually work... below

Have some fat with your salad!

The odd claim that eating salad with low fat dressing, causes you to absorb less nutrients than a fatty dressing, and thus eat more, is a claim experts make. The odder is studies show the fat in full cream milk fulfills a similar purpose to that in salad dressing, making you healthier, and is only about 4 %. Cardiff University, found full fat milk keeps your metabolism 'fired up' (weight loss anyone?) and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Margarine: bad! Butter: good!

Margerine is the worst culprit by far... being highly processed, the digestive system and liver can't break it down, its fats are stored in our bodies, and prevent weight loss. Butter, however, is natural, largely unprocessed and can reduce heart disease, while adding that extra delight of flavour, to the less food you crave to eat.

Fat balances blood sugar: makes you eat less, and lose weight!

To stop hunger, women tend to look to anything without fat... but sugar increases heart disease risks, and makes you want to eat more, while fat satisfies the body, and makes us full... pasta fills, biscuits... hurt the diet. A bit of fat, helps dieting. Sugar, easily turns to fat... avoiding fat, doesn't mean our bodies won't make fat...

Calories don't make you fat, and are a bad indicator!

Avocado, and salmon are high in Omega 3, and high in calaries, but won't make you fat... keeping only to low calories, often hurt a diet, they aren't really an indicator of foods to lose weight!

'‘Fruit is high in natural sugars, especially tropical varieties like bananas and mango and over-ripened fruit. Go for thin-skinned fruit — such as berries, pears and apples — because they contain more antioxidants. 

'Stock up on veg: You can have more than five-a-day

'‘And always eat it with a little fat (such as nuts) because this will slow down the speed at which the sugar hits your bloodstream. This will keep blood sugar levels steady — sugary foods raise them rapidly causing them to crash, which leads to tiredness and cravings for more sweet food.’
Vicki adds: ‘Many people are sensitive to fruits and fruit sugars and experience bloating, wind and abdominal pain after eating too much of them. I recommend people eat more vegetables than fruit, yet most of us do it the other way around.’'

Direct quote and general source of the rest is Daily Mail |'Everything you think you know about healthy eating is wrong!' by MARIA LALLY at UPDATED: 08:19 GMT, 25 June 2012

Separately: Detoxification... helps the body loosen fat, toxins and artificial indigestible substances, like in the case of margarine, often make it hard to lose weight... what the body can't process, can't easily be lost!

And I might add another... activated carbon, or a bit of fibre... if you detox your body, you lose fat faster. Activated carbon passes through our system, never entering the blood stream... and while it doesn't absorb everything, it attaches to many toxins, and takes them out of our system. There is a reason it is a poison remedy, and why it is used to filter water and purify alcohol of certain poisons, in manufacturing of alcoholic drinks.

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