Sunday 17 June 2012

Your Stem cells survive you Two Weeks after your medically determined death!


Your Stem cells survive you Two Weeks after your medically determined death! Opening debate all the more about harvesting these, and time of death.

In some religions, it is a common belief, that the dead go to heaven or hell, only two weeks after becoming scientifically dead. Their Ghosts, according to the beliefs of some Christian religions, haunt those they know for this time, before eternal judgment. To give a mysterious otherworldly element to this. As for Catholics, our Church tends to rely more on science, which means this discovery, may even influence theology.

While embryonic aborted baby's cannibalized stem cells have caused cancer, Adult stem cells from the body of the patient, which the Vatican promotes use of, have had the massive successes in the therapy. Governments such as Barack Obama ruled America, still insist that the murderous cannibalistic embryonic stem cell therapy holds the most potential, despite current science proving them incorrect.

Adult Stem cells, are often ordinary stem cells turned into the embryonic state. These hold the most promise. What this discovery means most of all, is that cells of human beings outlast their purported death significantly, the very essence, stem cells: those cells, which forms all human cells, remain after our purported demise.
ABC originally shared this post:
What happens when you die? Well apparently stem cells in your muscles live on for another two weeks. That opens up a whole new source of stem cell therapy... and ethical debates!

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Stem cells viable long after death »
Some stem cells can lay dormant for more than two weeks in a dead person and then be revived to divide into new, functioning cells.

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