Thursday 28 June 2012

A Call for International Troops: UN fears Syria is becoming 'non-international armed conflict' a.k.a. civil war!


The UN, while admitting they have no evidence to suggest it, continue to say government forces may have been involved in the killing of civilians in a fight with Rebels. Russian Station RT, has Video footage, which may be suggesting Rebels are responsible for a similar massacre. The fact news agencies such as the Vatican's Agenzia Fides, note that rebels are using Christians, and other minority civilians as human shields, is still not noted by the UN. That the kidnappings (what the UN terms as abductions), are not for prisoner exchanges, but to ransom government troops to their families for a few hundred dollars, as Reported by the Global Post, is not here noted by the UN.

That both sides are committing abuses, however, is something, the UN has now admitted to, especially raising concern over the Rebels, using children to assist their soldiers. Non-International Conflict, is a scenario markedly different from unrest.

Non-International Conflict, means that the government of a country, suddenly falls under different rules, as do any causing unrest. The two sides, become almost like two countries. Both become more accountable.

UN News | 'Head of UN panel urges concerted action amid escalation in Syria violence' by UN staff members at 27 June 2012

Click to enlarge! Screenshot of their article when accessed!

'“Inconsistencies in the available evidence hindered our ability to determine the identity of the perpetrators at this time. Nevertheless, we consider that forces loyal to the Government may have been responsible for many of the deaths,” Mr. Pinheiro said.

He noted that Government forces, and the associated militia known as Shabiha, have perpetrated unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests and detention, torture and other forms of ill-treatment. Particularly affected are children, who continue to suffer amid the ongoing violence.

In addition, despite the difficulties in collecting evidence of sexual violence, interviews conducted by the Commission indicated that Government forces and Shabiha have committed acts of sexual violence against men, women and children.

At the same time, the Commission considers it has “reasonable grounds” to believe that anti-Government armed groups have extra-judicially executed captured members of the Government forces, Shabiha, foreign fighters, Government supporters, suspected informers and/or collaborators.

“The Commission also found that anti-Government armed groups have tortured captured members of the Syrian security forces and/or their alleged supporters and abducted civilians and members of Government forces, usually to facilitate prisoner exchanges,” said Mr. Pinheiro.

“We are particularly concerned by reports that anti-Government armed groups have been using children as medical porters, messengers and cooks, exposing them to risk of death and injury” he added.'

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