Monday 11 June 2012

Kerspersky Research Suggests USA Government may be behind Flame malware! Flame connected to Stuxnet!


Kerspersky Research Suggests USA Government may be behind Flame malware!

Sources in: The USA government through New York Times, claimed Stuxnet as theirs... Which means this connecting of dots, might mean the USA government has been infecting computers worldwide. Flame in any case used so-called world-class decryption knowledge!
Kaspersky Lab originally shared this post:
Kaspersky Lab Research Proves that Stuxnet and Flame Developers are Connected

The discovery of the Flame malware in May 2012 revealed the most complex cyber-weapon to date. At the time of its discovery, there was no strong evidence of Flame being developed by the same team that delivered Stuxnet and Duqu. The approach to the development of Flame and Duqu/Stuxnet was different as well, which lead to the conclusion that these projects were created by separate teams. However, the following in-depth research, conducted by Kaspersky Lab’s experts, reveals that these teams in fact cooperated at least once during the early stages of development.
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Two weeks ago, when we announced the discovery of the Flame malware we said that we saw no strong similarity between its code and programming style with that of the Tilded platform (

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