Monday, June 4, 2012

Thai Men Who Used Prostitutes as fake hunters: to allow Illegal Rhino Horn Smuggling: Trial begins in Republic of South Africa #Rhino


Prostitutes Illegal Rhino Horn Smuggling Trial begins in Republic of South Africa #Rhino One of SA's most high-profile rhino horn smuggling trials is due to start today. (Chumlong Lemtongthai, etc). Stay tuned. AE - EWN Reporter ‏@ewnreporter

'#Rhino It's not likely to get underway in earnest, but we are expecting some interesting developments.' EWN Reporter ‏@ewnreporter says, '#Rhino To recap: The syndicate is accused of abusing legal permit system and of using prostitutes to pose as trophy hunters.' and, '[...] In the dock are Lemtongthai, a game farm owner, a professional hunter and two Thai men. Expect plea bargains.'

Below is a picture I took of a family of Rhinos last year:

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