Monday 4 June 2012

How RIM Could Save Blackberry! It's not just the phone! Apps, Backup Email, Customers!


How RIM Could Save Blackberry! It's not just the phone! Apps, Backup Email, Customers!

There is much ado about Blackberry possibly being left as an oceanside wreck. This talk isn't entirely misplaced, but there are a few suggestions I have for Blackberry to save their product. Please share if you agree!

1) Make Blackberry compatible with Android Apps, and Add the Android App Store: Blackberry already boasts it's easy enough to transfer an Android App, why not use transfer servers or allow Blackberry to play Android. Android doesn't update often on all phones, Blackberry could have an always up to date Android player, making them a top competitor. Apps have always been a downside. They can protect special data from Android apps and keep security.

2) Allow Pop3 etc type access. Blackberry keeps emails very secure with their special servers, and the same is true for BBM: but if Blackberry, when these go down, allowed for the phone to have the option to use ordinary email, Blackberry downtime would not be as deadly serious.

3) Focus on customers more than developers. Developers follow customers, not the other way around!

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