Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Indians advertise Whitening Cream for girls for inappropriate/private place! Has whitening gone to far?


Indians advertise Whitening Cream for girls for inappropriate/private place! Has whitening gone to far?

This reminds me of South African girls, starving themselves to have the bodies of 11 year old boys. Sadly, when beauty stops focusing as much on the beauty of genetic advantages, the result tends to be that self esteem is affected, and women go too far.

On a side note: cosmetics are also a huge industry in the West: we are told women must have long eye-lashes, dark eyelids, fake tans, wear base, wear lip stick. Often these products are less than healthy, and can contain allergens and toxins. And then there is breast surgery.

Whitening hidden parts, does seem fetish, extreme, just plain WRONG!

BBC | 'Has skin whitening in India gone too far?' by By Rajini Vaidyanathan at 5 June 2012 Last updated at 23:59 GMT
BBC World Have Your Say originally shared this post:
In our 1800 GMT edition we will be asking, if skin lightening is anything to be ashamed off?  For centuries Asian women and black women around the world have been raised to believe that if they have light skin, they are more beautiful.  This has given rise to a vast and ever-growing skin-whitening industry, especially in India.  But a new advert is many people in the country to react  in disgust and shock.  It promotes skin lightening.  Take a look:
What do you think?   Is it necessary for women or men with dark skin to lighten it?  Has skin lightening gone too far?
Has skin whitening in India gone too far? »
A shower gel for women has gone on sale in India which claims to lighten skin colour in the genital area - and some pundits are not pleased.

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