Saturday 10 July 2010

Release: Catholic Archbishop of Johannesburg Receives Relics of Saint Thérèse

(Southern African Catholic Dispatches)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cathedral of Christ the King: Bird's Eye View: [Google Maps]

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Cathedral of Christ the King, a View from the Street [Google Street View]

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I have been asked to promote the following page by a source within the Hierarchy:

And the official site for the visit is:

The following is a release given us by the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, Archdiocesan News:

"A friend of God among us

On Thursday 8 July at midday the Catholic Archbishop of Johannesburg, also the President of the SACBC, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale received the relics of St Therese of Lisieux also known as St Thérèse of the Little Flower, at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Doornfontein near Ellis Park.

The relics of Therese, the greatest saint of modern times, are on a 3-month tour of South Africa travelling from Tzaneen in the north to Cape Town. The relics housed in an ornate reliquary, or casket, made in Brazil from jacaranda wood and silver, have travelled to more than 50 countries around the world including ‘World Cup’ countries of Argentina, Australia, Brazil,
England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, United States of America, the Netherlands and Spain. In England last year some 250,000 people venerated the relics in spite of widespread cynicism before their arrival.

The relics were carried in procession into the Cathedral led by children dressed as Carmelites, the girls as little nuns. St Therese was only 15 when she wrested permission from her father to enter the Carmelite convent. The children were from the parish of St Francis of Assisi in Yeoville where Fr Vusi Sokhela is parish priest. It is at his invitation the relics are in
South Africa. Accompanying the children were Sisters of Charity, the order to which Mother Teresa belonged. They will host the relics in their hospice on 23 August.

Father Shaun Mary Von Lillienfeld, priest at the Cathedral and co-host with Father Vusi, welcomed about 300 priests, deacons, Chancery staff and parishioners to the reception service. The relics, surrounded with fresh flowers and rose petals - in life St Therese was very fond of nature - will lie at the Cathedral for veneration until 12 July when they depart for

All night Vigil on 10 July
On 10 July, the eve of the World Cup final match there will be an all-night
vigil in the Cathedral.

In his address at Thursday’s reception Archbishop Buti beseeched the intersession of the saint for blessings on the Archdiocese and the country. ‘Let South Africa be endowed with wise and caring leaders’. He expressed hope ‘for renewal in our faith and commitment; for inspiration; for protection; for healing in body and mind; for strength, for protection.’ And said the Archbishop, ‘Allow us to experience the change of heart which has been experienced by the thousands of pilgrims who have made the journey to venerate you.’

‘Here, today, in this Cathedral, the fullness of the invisible St. Thérèse is present. We encounter her face-to-face. Heaven has come to us. Behold, a friend of God is fully present among us. Let us venerate her in spirit and in truth.’


Info ;"

Captions with quotations provided by the Archdiocesan News at our request, our comments afterwards [P.S. the photographs are of excellent quality, we commend the photographer, and Archdiocesan News for them]:

"Awaiting relics with AB Buti. They came from St Therese parish, Edenvale." SACNS: Stay in line, no pushing, watch and wait, be dressed like a saint to mimic her, now children.

"Borne in procession by 6 strong men. Front right Fr Duncan Tsoke, Vicar
General; behind him Mr Tony Mokheseng, Justice and Peace; back right Fr
Shaun Mary von Lillienfeld; back left Archbishop Buti Tlhagale; front left
Fr Petrus Shiya and directly behind him Reverend John Rahme. The wood and
silver reliquary weighs 130Kg"
SACNS: Pall Bearing is Men's work, actually a beautiful picture.

"Children dressed as Carmelite nuns and friars perform a reverential dance."
SACNS: Don't get the heebie Jeebies, just dance.

"Veneration. Fr Shaun and the Archbishop on the altar as others queue to
venerate the relics." SACNS: A Saint is the Centre of Attention!

[I apologise for the belated release, it is not our intention to delay these!]

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