Thursday, 12 July 2012

Apple Freedom of Speech Censorship continues: It's not just Christian apps... #BoycottApple. #FreeSpeech. #Politics.


It's not just Christian apps... You may be able to fight strategy games... but not ones such as 'Defend the Diaoyu Islands'... more free speech violations by Apple? #BoycottApple#FreeSpeech#Politics.

A game, resembling Plants v Zombies, was pulled by Apple, without explanation, was this the right move, or censorship... the game certainly didn't represent any Real invasion... considering the characters doing the 'invading' were ninjas, and Sumo wrestlers, and Japanese soldiers carrying flags, and were fought in a Plants v Zombies style!

It does play music from a movie about the Sino-Japanese war... but really, it reminds one of Red Alert's scenarios... were Apple right to pull it? Is it a hate game? or just a fun strategy game, like Red Alert?

Is this one of the troubles with official app stores, which Apple pioneered? Christian App developers certainly think so, given apple's silencing of their political speech!

Seattle Times | 'Apple pulls game with Japanese invading islands claimed by China' by Bloomberg News at July 11, 2012 at 8:23 PM Seatle Time

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