Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Banned for 'Xenophobia' | Nando's Diversity Advert! And the message that we're ALL Foreigners!


Nando's Diversity Advert! This was banned from TV as 'xenophobic', but it actually claims all South Africans (except a few thousand Kooi San) are Foreign! The advert is actually anti-Xenophobic, and at the end I laughed!

NandosADS | ' Nando's Diversity ' by Nandos at Jun 1, 2012 SAST

'"We think it is short-sighted and we stand by the advertisement. The responses the ad has generated online have been overwhelmingly positive and show that South Africans get the message,"' - Nandos


for the story of it's banning:
Business Day | '‘Xenophobic’ Nando’s ad pulled off air' by TREVOR NEETHLING at 2012/06/06 05:44:42 PM SAST

(warning: contains blotted out swearing, and is insulting unless you watch the whole ad!)

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