Saturday, 1 November 2008

Justice- the spray of the tide of life- that which we die for, and desire- should it break the marble flaw of existence

(Journey in a Broken World)

Mercy to oppressors is cruelty to the oppressed, perhaps we need explain it...

Even a butterfly's wings can cause a storm, any fragment of good can affect all, and even a whispered lie one does not even say influences the world for evil. We may not say it, but still it affects the culture of our soul. Sometimes it is murder not to kill, sometimes it is kidnapping not to restrain an aggressor- this is the premise, the foundation of law.

We live in a spiritual and physical world, and what happens in the physical can be amplified 100 times in the spiritual, and the spiritual itself inebriates all in the physical. All is connected, and God considers actions in big and small, even lack of actions- of equal importance in judging us, so far as their species says what our soul is. Some actions cause a huge gash in our soul, and these need treatment should we desire not to die, others will heal with time, and the pain of antiseptic. God's name is Reality- and he judges by what is- and that is why we say we cause our own judgment- for he but keeps the mold to our soul- our actions cause the damage and goodness- he just places us where we are best to place, and renovates when like some animals- we open ourselves to healing, and destroys when we open our chest to destruction. He does what we cause him to, to cross him is to walk into fire, it is as though he were an area, a scene in a forest, which we choose to interact with. If we choose to scrape our hands on thorns, it is our choice, should we find the cure to the cut, also ours. God does not change- we choose where to live in our forest, our relationships with the Almighty.

Now, this spiritual, it is more solid than the physical, its substance more precise, more defined, like a marble statue, carved with laser light- it is exacting and eternal. Once it has been molded, it will last forever. To spare an evil man is to encourage his behavior- this is why God does not forgive, even through confession- should we not repent of our sins. And we too sin if we let evil go unpunished when we may legitimately punish wrong. A good motto is Justice not charity- it says what helping the weak truly entails- it recognizes that our freedom is not given us without a price. We have no option but to intervene against evil, or we shall have become what we do not appose- depraved madmen who do things any sane right minded person would be ashamed of.

With our actions, we help our neighbors to carve their own statues, their forms in which their existence after the carving has stopped- will remain as forever.

When we do not take a stance for human dignity- when we do not defend the dignity, even of those who willingly allow theirs to be abused- we are guilty of helping them to carve a misshapen shell in which they, like hermit crabs- will live in forever.

Justice resonates, it fills one's entire form- Wrath is the excess, or lack of correct justice, too much, or too little action is evil. We sin with what we do, but how much worse by what we neglect to do?

Let us always aim at truth, seeking it, obeying it, recognizing it and treating all things as they are. There is no such thing as conversion, or repentance, or hope, or salvation, apart from God. We can only win our conquest by his side- and so let us fight in his way- so as not to see him leave for another battle, and ride into the distance without our hope.

Every small justice will change the world, so far as it is tactical, and wise. Evil is indeed affected by a good example, and good people can do good indirectly, via their influence on the souls of evil men and people. Until evil changes- should we be the bad doctor who lies to his patient and to the world about a condition still present? Without necessity, we should not reveal another's sins and weaknesses- but let us not cause harm, and be guilty of sin through silence when justice demands a voice.

May God bless us with true kindness, but let our kindness, and our justice, our mercy, and our plenty- all be in healthy proportion, controlled by reasonable reason and sanity. Let us put all in its place- and know that both mercy and justice are love acting in different conditions. The sin lies in giving mercy when love gives justice, or justice, when love demands mercy. Mercy is justice, it is due, perhaps not by another's goodness- but by acting so as to change them, or do some small good, or it does not do good. When it does good, we also sometimes let go of justice for a while, but we must be cautious in matters of justice.

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