Friday, 1 June 2012

USA Economy worse than expected, unemployment rising!


 USA Economy worse than expected, unemployment rising! #NoObama2012 #USA #Election   #gplussersformitt

'Unemployment has been above 8% since February 2009, the longest such period since the government started keeping monthly data in 1948.


Since the Second World War, only one US president has been returned to office with the unemployment rate above 6%. Ronald Reagan won in 1984 despite a jobless rate of 7,2%, but with a roaring economy that had seen unemployment fall from 10,2% just 18 months earlier.'

Business Day | 'US unemployment ticks up to 8,2% as hiring stalls; Total of 69000 jobs added to payrolls in May is far below Wall Street expectations' by FOREIGN STAFF at 2012/06/01 06:00:35 PM SAST

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