Tuesday 11 February 2014

Fairland and Northcliff: safest parts of Gauteng Province.

ABOVE: A police vehicle parked at the community policing forum event. The photographer notes the reflective marking.

Police, speaking via a high ranking official, a Brigadier, from Johannesburg, confirmed to a community policing forum today, held for residents of Fairland, Johannesburg, that the Fairland policing district, and Northcliff, remain the safest areas of Gauteng Province. Police and counsellors answered extensive questions from community members on a variety of safety and security matters. Police, via a high ranking official confirmed that hundreds of police officers yearly are caught by the applicable branch for corruption, and stated that the South African Police Service currently have about 200 000 members. Police also confirmed that there is no gang activity in Fairland whatsoever. A SACNS journalist was present during the meeting between police and the community.


  1. Dedicated SAPS personnel, in partnership with private security companies, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) and various branches of the Fairland Community Police Forum has been highly successful in making our suburbs one of the least crime ridden areas in Gauteng. Our resolve strengthens each day.

  2. With crime on the increase in most areas, residents in Fairland and Northcliff, Johannesburg are fortunate that the fluctuations between house robberies and business robberies have not spiralled out of control.

    Vigilance by the S A Police and private security companies have paid dividends in ensuring the Fairland Police Station remain consistently amongst the top performing in this SAPS Cluster.

    For the battle against crime to succeed, intervention by government and the private sectors are necessary to tackle social issues that create fertile opportunities for criminals to entrench their stranglehold on society.

    A multi-pronged approach is needed involving government departments such as the Justice Department, South African Police Services, Health Services, Immigration and the private sector including schools, religious institutions, welfare organisations, community leaders and parents.

    Forging a partnership between all stake holders will yield positive results as an effective means to eradicate crime in our precinct and the rest of South Africa.


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