Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Sluts Are Coming To Town


Google Plus User Melanie Jones notes a campaign to make being a slut a good and normal thing. She also notes corporate hypocrisy in that the left wing can call women the c word!

Melanie Jones originally shared this post:

"The site aims to "re-appropriate" the word "slut" so that Limbaugh and other Republicans cannot use it to "bully and silence women," Emry said."

Really? Right we never call each other that either; just mean old Republicans use the word. Uh huh... Bill Maher used the "C-word" to describe certain Republican woman and there was no outcry about that from the left.

Run against a "word", or Rush, or anything in the world because they have to deflect attention from Obama's failed policies and dismal record.

#obamaisntworking   #noobama2012   #gplussersformitt
'Sluts' Unite Against Republicans, Rush Limbaugh »
Watch out Republicans, here come the sluts. Women’s rights activists are banding together to “Rock the Slut Vote” in an online effort to register women to vote and cast their ballots against Republica...

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