Saturday, June 2, 2012

The power of a leader, was on display in Milan, as the pope attempted to inspire a soccer stadium!


The Pope is in Milan! God's Rottwieler, The Holy Father, Benedict XVI has tactically lead a massive, youthful crowd in a Stadium!

The power of a leader, was on display in Milan, as the pope attempted to inspire a soccer stadium filled with youth. The Catholic spiritual leader, was practical in his pleas. The new Evangelization he preaches, always has commenced, with Catholics living their faith, before any preaching of it to anyone else. The champion of insuring faith (of all major kinds) in the public life, appealed to youth to make their faith more than just something personal and private. The Church, in Europe has fought hard, and thought fast, in the combat it has made with secularists. It's allies have included Islam, the Jews, and the foundation of Europe: as Benedict XVI, has pushed for religion, and his religion, to be something public, not hidden and private!

Realising the need to shore up the faith, and the fact that a secularized , hidden, private Catholic faith is a flagging one: the pope has encouraged youth to attend mass, confession and the sacraments. His leadership, after his predecessor's charisma, is hoped, by some, to be the shovel with which to dig through the collapse religion is experiencing, to return the Church, and with her: the very practice of any communal religion: to their intricately united former glory.

c.f. Twitter's: @cathsecnews: Pope Leads Youth in Stadium Pep Rally - ABC News: Pope Leads Youth in Stadium Pep RallyABC NewsPope Benedict XVI...

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