Monday, June 4, 2012

Sexual Harassment common in Online Gaming! And bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, and unacceptable behaviour online is also common!


Sexual Harassment common in Online Gaming! And bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, and unacceptable behaviour online is also common!

A while ago, I objected to some users posting inappropriate posts to a trend, which frankly shocked my conservative, South African self. Their response was to spam me with insulting posts, including lewd images. My crime? To object to their using Google Plus to spam others with pornography. Google's response? They have yet to remove the defamatory posts.

Women, on Facebook and elsewhere are often harassed. As a man, I seldom incur any harrassment, but my experience hit me when I read this article by the BBC:

'Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming' by James Fletcher at 3 June 2012 Last updated at 23:12 GMT
Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming »
Women make up growing proportion of video gamers, but some have experienced graphic and threatening sexual harassment, says the BBC's James Fletcher.

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