Friday, June 1, 2012

Justin Bieber injured, suffers concussion, walks into a glass door... again


Justin Bieber injured, walks into a glass door... again! Caused him a concussion in France... it's uncertain whether the door will report the tweeb for his second assault in a few days... apparently the door is alright, but winded! It's unfortunate a Papprazzi recently attacked by the Bieber didn't have a glass door on hand!

TMZ | 'JUSTIN BIEBER Knocked Out Cold In Paris' by Staff at 31 May 2012 USA Time!

Below is an earlier incident of a scuffle with a door!

Justin Bieber Hits His Head On a Revolving Door! LOL!!

And don't forget the Tweeb's fans' nightmare in Norway:

'While the Red Cross Norway's Facebook page said first aid was provided for 78 people and water was given to many dehydrated children, E! News talked to Camilla Bjorn, a VGTV reporter in Oslo, and she provided slightly different figures: According to local police, 19 girls were sent to the hospital and 49 fans from the concert were injured in one way or another because of the pressure and madness of the fans.'

E! | 'Justin Bieber's Label "Regrets Strongly" Norway Concert That Left Nearly 50 Injured' by REBECCA MACATEE at May. 31, 2012 2:44 PM PDT

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