Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flame cyber-threat and how to protect yourself- Kerspersky


I still think Kerspersky is the best in the business! Who thinks this was made by America, after it was discovered America has been targeting nuclear facilities with malware?

'“Flame is definitely bringing the issue of cyber-warfare to the foreground, which is good,” Schouwenberg said. “We need to discuss the dangers surrounding cyber-weaponry, which is a rising international problem.”

In the meantime, the company said there is one way to ward off the malware: “Windows 7 64 bit, which we previously recommended as a good solution against infections with other malware, seems to be effective against Flame,” the company said.'

- Kerspersky!
Mashable originally shared this post:
A nasty and complex malware program known as Flame has been unmasked after four years of cyber-attacks on several countries, according to Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab.

The firm — which analyzed the malware over the weekend and revealed it to be the largest and most complex attack toolkit to date — believes that it was commissioned by a country or countries’ government.

“Flame is a covert operation in cyber-space and without a doubt, it’s been commissioned by a nation-state or nation-states,” senior researcher Roel Schouwenberg at Kaspersky Lab told Mashable. “Global governments are investing more and more money in so-called offensive capabilities, and it’s a lot easier and cheaper than traditional espionage and warfare.”

For more information - http://on.mash.to/KYCF9K

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