Thursday 5 February 2009

Venezuela; Chavez supporters attack Jews; Vatican Embassy: in further anti-religious possible voter intimidation

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. IOL (Independent; Secular; South African) 05 / 02 / 2009; Reuters (Secular; British; independent) 04 / Feb / 2009; Archive: 23 / Jan / 2009))

Article by Marc Aupiais

After an attack on an important Jewish Synagogue on Saturday, came an attack on a Catholic Diplomatic Embassy (Nuncio), on Wednesday: as forces accused of alleged links with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez: continue anti-religious campaigns.

While Reuters reports:

" Tear gas canisters were lobbed into the Vatican's diplomatic compound in Caracas on Wednesday, the head of the mission said, days after armed men vandalized a synagogue in the capital."
(Reuters (Secular; British; independent) 04 / Feb / 2009)
The head of the Catholic "Mission" (Nuncio), according to Reuters: is: "Giacinto Berloco".

IOL continues: focusing on the Synagogue, and ignoring the diplomatic attack:
"President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday condemned Saturday's attack on Caracas' main synagogue, which he said was being used by "the bourgeoisie" to fan unrest ahead of a crucial referendum next week on his bid for unlimited re-election.

"They accuse me of being anti-semitic. I don't hate Jews, and I call on all Venezuelan Jews not to let themselves be used," Chavez said during a military parade in Maracay, 80km southeast of Caracas."
(IOL (Independent; Secular; South African) 05 / 02 / 2009)

This comes some time after a Vatican Nuncio (Embassy to a political power), was tear bombed in January already, though by an alleged group: which claims they did not attack on Saturday, or Wednesday: and after Chavez kicked out the Israeli ambassador to Venezuela, over the Gaza Strip offenses in January.

The Venezuelan socialist, has also had confrontations with the country's Catholic bishops: who he alleged had a "plot" against him. The Bishops, fear for Venezuela's democracy, as the European Union's Parliament's Vice president fears for "Fundamental Liberties". Both the Jewish authorities, and the Catholic church: have been accused of plotting against the socialist: Chavez, who is attempting to change his country's constitution, to give him yet another term in office. A 2007 attempt failed: leading him to include longer terms in office for other leaders; to gain their support. Chavez supporters have been accused of attacking different obstacles to his sustained iron hand over Venezuela. His statements and actions against the Israeli government recently, are thought a possible cause for the outburst against minority Jews.

Of a previous January anti-religious attack: The Vice President of the EU (European Union's) Parliament: Mario Mauro (Archive: 23 / Jan / 2009) , who is also the representative on religious persecution in the: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, had condemned an attack on a Catholic Nuncio: which is the technical name for a Vatican Embassy, to a political power. The Nuncio, was in Venezuela, and government supporters, are: due to a past record, possibly: those responsible for both the January and February attacks.

Mario claimed then: that fundamental rights (He uses the word "Liberties" in the original quote): were consistently being scraped into non-existence and stolen from citizens: a statement in which he implicated the Venezuelan government(Archive: 23 / Jan / 2009).

Catholic bishops have lambasted the socialist, and others consider him a nuisance to world affairs. His attacks on the west, and attempts to derail capitalism and to attack capitalist systems, are well known.

Elias Farache, who is the current president of the Venezuelan "Jewish Association", is a voice which blames Chavez action over Israeli strikes in the Gaza strip recently: for the attacks.

Venezualan Foreign Minister, a certain Nicolas Maduro: claims that they will bring the culprits to justice; however: this seems doubtful, if those responsible are politically connected enough. He himself admits that the attack was professional. The group which claims to have attacked the Catholic Nuncio in January: "La Piedrita" ("The Pebble"), are still able to operate, able enough: to deny any recent activity.

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