Sunday 22 February 2009

Sundin Back last night playing Against TO

Well he was back last night, the long anticipated return of the mighty Sundin, my son's favourite star of hockey, his hero, his number since he started playing hockey at 5.

His first request towards a coach or scout regarding him playing on their hockey team "Is No.13 available, he'd ask" and look up with his big brown eyes and wait? The response was sooooo important before any feedback or negotiating could register regarding any team with this young dreaming hockey star.

It was so important to this lad, he learnt early that he'd use this request at a young age to let teams know "if you want me, thats gotta be my number", he supported this captain and his hard work, it seemed only fair and fitting for this child in his young mind to be wearing this particular number, he is Sundin's biggest fan. This child has worn this number every season and now coaches will call and say "No. 13's available, you interested" with his older grown-up response being different with just a huge smile from ear to ear.

An emotional Mats Sundin acknowledges the applause from the ACC crowd Feb. 21, 2009.

Emotions ran running high at last nights game when Sundin entered onto ACC's ice, earlier he stated that regardless which way his fans went he was not going to let it get the best of him. Nobody knew which way the feelings of the Toronto fans were going to go, cheers or booing from disappointed fans that he left us. They stood up and gave him a standing ovation, they cheered him when he entered bringing on a very emotional return for Matts.

Sundin was absolutely one of the best hockey players to ever wear one of the Leaf's jersey's, his size and speed in a game was unmatchable, he earned that "C". Was he going to be able to help the Leafs obtain the Stanley Cup, the ultimate goal of a hockey player, it was doubtful near the end. He had skill there was no doubt about that, but this is a team sport and we needed more of that.

Was he our favorite player emotionally, well the crowd was always torn, he certainly wasn't Gilmour who got our feelings running wild in all directions every game but that was in my time growing up in TO. Gilmour was the young lady's man and won the hearts of TO for his wild ways and game style which always wasn't the kindest. Sundin was just an asset, a huge asset, not a local, to a struggling team that just couldn't quite ever get it together still for the taste of Stanley which we so desperately want another chance at.

All emotions came to a quick halt when our Captain, opps our old Captain, ended the game with a winning goal
, when we all sat and stared mouths hanging open ... we realized it immediately he is a Vancouver Cannuck and not a Toronto Maple Leaf sadly anymore.

Au Revoir Matts and thank you for the memories.

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