Friday 27 February 2009

Britain / Argentina; SSPX schism: Williamson Returns to UK

(Tridentine South (And Southern) Africa ; c.f. Bloomberg (Secular; American; Independent) 25 / 02 / 2009 ; EuroNews (French; Secular; a bit liberal) 25 / 02 / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to several sources, holocaust reductionist: Richard Williamson, of the suspended SSPX movement, which has an irregular status as to the Catholic church, a "Bishop", in his order, but with no authority in the Catholic church, due to his suspension not being lifted, himself illicitly, though validly ordained: has returned to his homeland: "Great" Britain". Bloomberg reports that he waved his fist at an Argentine Journalist, before leaving Argentina, under government threats, and had a police escort at the British airport where he landed.

The Argentine government has expelled Mr Williamson, due to claims of misrepresentation about his work.

Rorate Caeli,  reported on an alleged Vatican plot, whereby at the same time: that as a decision to lift penal measures against Williamson, was announced, a gay activist, released to Swedish television information on a Canadian media interview based statement, of Williamson.

Rorate's source, alleges that there was no co-incidence in the release and airing of anti-semitic statements, and the choice by the Vatican.

 The source alleges that a high-powered "Vatican" force, was working against the pontiff. The imprudent press release on the lifting of the excommunications, has surprised many: leading to questions as to who and what prevented Benedict XVI, from being informed of the implications of timing in lifting the excommunications.  Creative Minority Report, a social commentary, even alleged that Williamson himself, had been trying to prevent reunion with the statements, however, they do seem to be his authentic, if highly misguided, and illogical views.

At least six million ( 6 000 000) Jews died in the Holocaust, which sparked the Second World War. New evidence may hint at an even higher number killed, or which we have previously estimated up to ten million deaths, though not all by gassing. Bishop Williamson thinks that not even a million Jews died at the hands of the bigotrous Nazi administration of the World War II era's Germany.

The Vatican claims that it had no knowledge at the time of the lifting of excommunication, of the views of Williamson on Jewish people. Williamson, along with other denial-ists, have been sidelined in the SSPX (FSSPX/SSPX "Priestly Society" "of" "Saint Pius X") since, whether or not related.

Some members of the SSPX, still insist on a collective "Jewish" guilt for the death of Christ, and many in the grouping, and their affiliates: deny official beliefs of the church, including those on our shared "heritage" with Jesus' own bloodline's race, and the necessity, of co-operating with other religions.

The Vatican has ordered Williamson  to retract his statements, and the SSPX, itself, previously removed him from his post in their Argentine seminary.

While allowing the SSPX bishops to attend confession, and if not in a state of Mortal sin, take communion, no permission has been given to them or their Priests: to practice their profession, and all authority over average Catholics, has been taken away from them, and was never given over to them despite the lifting of a ban from using Sacraments, which had been automatically incurred by the four.

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