Sunday 8 February 2009

Vatican Library Renovations: Video from Vatican on these

Introduction by Marc Aupiais
While the Vatican discusses renovatrions to the Vatican Library, A Group has provided 800 Jewish Manuscripts for the Library also.
Benedict XVI, the current Pope, also: has salvaged a bad situation with Italian jewish Leaders: via his firm actions on Williamson. These will resume dialogue:


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February 07, 2009
Renovation work in the Rooms of the Vaticans Apostolic Library is going ahead according to schedule. For the record it began in 2007 and is estimated to be completed next year. Among specific projects underway are the strengthening, redecoration and installation of air-conditioning in the areas dedicated to Restoration, Photographic and Digital workshops as well as in the Photographic Archive. Furthermore an external elevator is being installed to better connect different areas, and the storage space dedicated to manuscripts and magazines entirely restored. This work is part of a broader renovation project to take place in the years to come, conceived so as to avoid closing the Library do ...
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Hebrew Manuascripts:


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February 06, 2009
In recent days the Catalog of Hebrew Manuscripts was presented at the Vatican Library, created by Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, which collects microfilms of ancient Jewish documents from all parts of the world including the National and University Library in Jerusalem. This is a catalog of almost 800 pages with detailed descriptions of 813 manuscripts, dating mainly from the eleventh and the sixteenth centuries. There are over 50 Biblical codes, many liturgical manuals, philosophical treatises, and Kabbalist texts, as well as volumes of medicine and astronomy. Among the treasures of the collection is what is probably the oldest known Hebrew code, a copy of a Rabbinic commentary to Le ...
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Talks resume:
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