Saturday 14 February 2009

FSSP launches Prayer for Benedict XVI: the FSSP left the SSPX for the Church

(Tridentine South (and Southern) Africa; c.f. FSSP France (Catholic; Religious Order; French) __/__/__; FSSP Englsih (Catholic; religious Order; English speaking)__/__/__; Zenit News Service: French Edition (American; Catholic; Independent) 13 / 02 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to Zenit News: French Edition: the FSSP is launching a prayer campaign for supporting the current pontiff: Pope Benedict XVI: who was born in Germany.

The FSSP (Fraternal Society of Saint Peter), has a history: they are a group created within the church: of those returning from the SSPX (FSSPX : Fraternal Society of Saint Pius X) suspended movement. They have lamented what they term to be attacks on the church via media: and have asked for the following:

The Priestly Society of Saint Peter: has requested that we start a Novena on today: the 14th February, until the Fest of the "Chair/See of Saint Peter", on the 22nd of February.
The Novena will consist of the following:
Novena for the Pope

An "Our father", three "Hail Mary"'s, a "Glory Be"

and this prayer:

(we have tried to translate the french prayer: suggest a better translation to us if you know one!:

"Pray for our Holy Father: Pope Benedict XVI.
May the Lord guard him, He gives life, make it (the pope?) happy on earth and do not offer him to the power of his enemies.

V. You are Peter. (quoting bible: Peter and rock are the same word: pope: referring to successor of Peter)
R. And on this rock I will build my Church.

God eternal and almighty, have mercy on your servant, our Pope Benedict XVI, and in your goodness, guide him into the path of eternal salvation, so that by the gift of your grace, it (he) looks as it (he?) pleases and the performance (in the performance?) of its (his?) power. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis
Sancte Petre, ora pro nobis"

Daily for that period!

For your comprehension

"Mater Ecclesiae, ora pro nobis" is Latin for:
"Mother Church: Pray for us"
"Sancte Petre, ora pro nobis": "Saint Peter, Pray for us"

A better translation that that is given by the English speaking section of FSSP:

"Novena for the Pope:
Pater Noster, 3 Ave Maria, Gloria Patri

Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory be.

V. Orémus pro Pontífice nostro Benedícto.
R. Dóminus consérvet eum, et vivíficet eum, et beátum fáciat eum in terra, et non tradat eum in ánimam inimicórum eius.

V: Let us pray for our Pope Benedict.
R: May the Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.

V. Tu es Petrus.
R. Et super hanc petram ædificábo Ecclésiam meam.

V. Thou art Peter,
R. And upon this Rock, I will build My Church.

Omnípotens sempitérne Deus, miserére fámulo tuo Pontífici nostro Benedícto : et dírige eum secúndum tuam cleméntiam in viam salútis ætérnæ : ut, te donánte, tibi plácita cúpiat, et tota virtúte perfíciat. Per Christum Dóminum nostrum. R. Amen.

Let us Pray,
Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy upon your servant, Benedict, our Sovereign Pontiff, and guide him in your goodness on the way of eternal salvation; so that, with the prompting of your grace, he may desire what pleases you and accomplish it with all his strength. Through Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

Mater Ecclésiæ, ora pro nobis.
Sancte Petre, ora pro nobis.

V. Mother of the Church. R. Pray for us
V. St. Peter. R. Pray for us


pray either the Latin or the English.

mentioning this effort, is not an endorsement of it!

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