Wednesday 18 February 2009

Bishop, Episcopal Church, Thrown in Jail

Its not always the Catholic Church that seems to get the latest greatest news about Bishops that do wrong. This story is actually very funny but on the flip side I assume could have been very dangerous and deadly. Trying to help his kids win a contest for the most unusual place to read a book, neighbors called the police. Charged with suspicion of child cruelty this bishop is sure to double check things before he helps his children with any project in the near future.

Unfortunately, I know of two other little boys who would have gladly climbed up on top of a roof with a book, especially "The Killer Underpants" (more like a comic book boys love to call reading) to try and win a contest, actually they wouldn't have been happy with perching/sitting calmly while a picture was taken, maybe standing up tall and proudly waving the book would have won that contest hands down for my two.

The bishop did remember to harness them securely while he took the picture. It must have been a long night in jail for this father and his frightened children who seen their father taken away in handcuffs. Maybe extra points should be given for effort??? It was unusual that's for sure.

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