Tuesday 24 February 2009

Cdn Military: Immediate Investigation

News hit papers and media quickly across Canada today regarding our troops in Afghanistan shooting off arms and injuring children. Troops are required to clear the entire area they have worked in before leaving. 2 children have been killed and others severely injured. Residents are screaming this is the fault of the Cdn Military, journalist are trying to investigate and report the correct information but are being blocked by security near the hospital where the injured have been taken.

Angry Afghan villagers chanted "Death to the Canadians" and paraded the blood-spattered bodies of two young children through the streets of Kandahar city today.

An immediate investigation is being launched regarding several conflicting accounts which have caused innocent children being killed and seriously hurt. Afghan police were also immediately investigating what happened, but pointed a finger at the Taliban first.

Parading dead injured teens throughout screaming “Death to Canadians” has had the Canadian Military immediately calling for answers. It is a horrific tragedy that has happened in Kandahar.

This village, financed and sponsored by Mohammed Bin Rashid is dedicated to housing those maimed and dismembered by war.

Nothing can ever ever bring back the senseless gur-wrenching accident when a child dies. Anger and grief by villagers is understandable and any single Cdn Military over in Kandahar would understand that.

The Canadian military has said the probable cause of this is that the children somehow came across unexploded munitions in a field outside of the tiny community … Mohammed Bin Rashid Village.

The area is known to be littered with all kinds of unexploded ordinance and mines, which doesn’t one bit justify this heartfelt disaster. Soldiers are trained to walk the area and ensure it’s clean and safe, its a priority. Troops are continually trying to maintain their competency with the weapons they are using.

NATO has aggressive ad campaigns advising Afghans not to pick up or play with any unidentified or unexploded ordinance on the ground.


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