Saturday 7 February 2009

Journey:Twilight essence, Blue ribbon of Destiny: our obsession with "future": our desire for peace

(Journey in A Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

The shadow: it twirls in my hands, as I hold it, Substance, understated. The metallic ribbon, they living spine of chord, it raps around my hand as though as a snake. Beyond, are whitened flowery fields, and interspersed between are gray and blue-gray buildings. Beyond, as though obvious: strands an orange sky, patterned, and simply, and all knowing: it strands one.

Odd, is it not, when we think of the future: we think of the colour gray. It is not the ideas of the past about tinfoil which does this: it is that the future is gray, dispersed, and odd to us.

We see flowers, and nature, and sparseness. We see hope, and we see safety: my future vision has no people: only distant hovering crafts, which move slowly, and visibly, and yet powerfully.

We imagine not the future, but our own desire to grasp the world, and ride it like a bronco horse.

Odd, is it not: that our future, is nothing more than a more simple version of life: we love colours, but gray is simpler, we love animals: but space is simpler. We imagine not some future world, but our own special place of safety.

The greatest treasure of the genre of the future: is not fantastical things: but a greater sense of control. We want to be gods? So why don't we eat the fruit of the "Little Gods".

All our development: for what: peace, sustainibility, safety, excitement: control: all is gained from Saint Philomena and the communion, who speak: like locusts, all one: covering large sections of a white, gray wall.

All our hopes for power: answered in trusting Reality, Yahweh, Lord: our God.

Let us pray to the saint of us prey, of us who are subject to power, and to whim: let us ask Philomena for peace, progress in God: and for her to control our life entirely, let us "Worship"* our saint, and ask God to give her the reigns of our lives.

*In Catholic Theology: the word Worship: refers to high honor, but not as high as the honour of "Adoration" due to God. A similarity can be drawn with the Justice system, where judges are "Worshiped", by the phrase: your "Worship".
I purposely chose the traditional word, because high honour, or honour, as due to parents, or others: cannot encompass the duty to saints, and to angels: nor either can the lower word: worship: in any way satisfy to utter honour and adoration due God.

Note: "Little Gods", does not refer to Gods: but that saints and siner differ that much: and man as compared animals: and the communion: glorified saints, are greater than other beings: but again: it also shows that if we are to "worship" saints, to honour them : then we must Love God with all!

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