Saturday 7 February 2009

Novartis nearly sneak into Vatican Radio Interview, as guest speaker? Despite their positions?

(Media Study South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular; Independent; British) 06 / 02 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Those with Hyperactivity know of Novartis: the "Ritalin": sellers. Those who know of the effects of diet: know that sometimes "Ritalin" is needed, and sometimes excluding harmful additives to food: clears up hyperactivity. Novartis is known for some activities some would not agree with.

So, getting a real coup d'état, of getting an invitation to speak on Vatican Radio (Radio Vaticana), "Novartis Chief Executive Daniel Vasella", has now been told that the Vatican doesn't want him to speak any longer in the slot of "Commentator of the week", this February. Perhaps this is further evidence that the Vatican was telling the truth, when speaking of not knowing of Lefebvrite suspended illicitly ordained "Bishop Williamson"'s statements on the Holocaust.

A quick google search, or better yet, a scripturelink of those the Vatican deals with: would go a long way. Fortunately: this time, the Vatican caught the mistake in time.

The Vatican, has rejected the Novartis chief: due to the fact, that his company produces contraceptives: considered a danger to civilization, and intrinsically evil: by sections of Catholic theologians, and as intrinsically evil: by Dogma.

A near tragedy has been avoided, by the Vatican. Hopefully, these errors will prompt the Vatican to begin background checks before taking action. This is not the first time the Vatican's Radio has decided to use a source apposing Catholic Dogma. Vatican Radio has previously interviewed the editor of the Southern Cross: accused by Trinity Communications ("Catholic Culture"): of an anti-magisterial bias, and of airing editorials sporting pro-abortion arguments as though they were not apposing Canon Law, and the Vatican in such.

For now, the Vatican is taking baby steps in media: perhaps they will look to the many Orthodox Catholic sources, and perhaps start to ask who they are dealing with.

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