Monday 9 February 2009

SSPX sidelines Holocaust Deniers

(Altered Persuasion; c.f. Rorate Calei ("Catholic"; Independent; Traditional) 09 / 02 / 2009:; 08 / 02 / 2009:; Zenit News Service (Catholic; Independent; American): Italian edition 08 / 02 / 2009; BBC World News (Secular; British; Governmental) 22 / 11 / 2005)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Rorate Caeli: one of the most efficient sources on the SSPX schismatic / suspended movement: is reporting firm actions by the society against an SSPX/FSSPX Bishop, who denied the extent of the holocaust. Bishop Williamson, having been illicitly ordained as a bishop, a man who along with his companions in the "Society of st. Pius X", is still suspended under canon law: has been removed from his noted post of director: at an SSPX seminary: "La Reja"; something which was apparently done for the "Good" (extrapolation by us: "not want to hurt the society", would be a better translation) of the society, an action reportedly accepted by Williamson as necessary. Meanwhile, a Zenit Report, in Italian: on Sunday: covered the expulsion of a: Father Don Floriano Abrahamowicz, from the society.

While Zenit sees this (the expulsion of a: Father Don Floriano Abrahamowicz, from the society) to possibly be linked to other events: as a rebuke of his shared views: with Williamson on the Holocaust: not killing 6 million Jews: at least one source within SSPX parishioners' ranks: is claiming: that the man in question was expelled: not for his view on the Jews and concentration camps, but alleges that he was expelled for a separate matter involving suspicions of the man: involving sedevacanism. Sedevacanism, the view that the See of Peter (Papacy) is "vacant": is denounced by mainstream catholicism: and is something that the SSPX, not only does not officially believe: but rather: officially apposes, as wrong.

The SSPX claimed that the second decision: while "painful" (possible English translation): was necessary to prevent the image of the SSPX, from being "distorted" (another possible translation).

Meanwhile: the Vatican and the German Chancellor: Angela Merkel, a member of the "Christian Democratic Union" (CDU) Party: which traditionally was lead by Catholics, and, in contrast to that previous norm: Protestant in her system of belief: have (The Vatican and German Chancellor) reportedly had a cordial telephone conversation. Allegations against Benedict XVI's name: by the German Chancellor: Angela Merkel; that he had not strongly enough rebuked Bishop Williamson: were followed by a Vatican statement: that Bishop Williamson would not have his current suspension of powers: lifted unless he publicly altered his views on the Holocaust. The conversation reportedly involved mutual discussion on the importants of seeing the Holocaust as a warning. Both apparently hold the same view of the Holocaust. The Vatican's press office: has reportedly noted that benedict XVI: allegedly had no knowledge of the statements of SSPX Bishop Williamson: at the time he lifted the man's excommunication: in order to pass an impasse in negotiations with the "Society" (SSPX).

Catholics are discouraged from attending SSPX masses. Sedivacanism, also mentioned: can be consiodered an act of Schism: while disagreeing with the Papacy: the Society, still claims to serve the papacy, and church.

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