Friday 6 February 2009

Italy, EU, Europe: Catholic Prolife objects: Father can't "murder" his sick daughter

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. LifeSiteNews (Catholic; Independent; Canadian; Pro-Life) 06 / 02 / 2009; Reuters (Secular; British; "Independent") 06 / Jan / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Italy's president: leftist, and pro-death, "ex"- Communist pro-euthanasia: "Giorgio Napolitano"; has refused to sign a degree passed by the Italian Parliament's "Council of Ministers", under Premier: Silvio Berlusconi, which would prevent: the Father of: "Eluana Englaro"; despite a lack of cost in keeping her alive: she is a pro-life icon, through her situation, and was sustained in a Catholic hospital: from intentionally slaying her. Patients who have been declared brain dead, have previously made full recoveries. Unless one is to admit the Divine, as the pro-death community is unlikely to do: it must at least be admitted that those who are considered brain dead: are often not dead, and can still recover. Even aids patients are not murdered: those who cannot recover: are given as much life as is possible, and viable. Cancer patients also.

If there was evidence at the time, that "Giorgio Napolitano", of the Left leaning Democrats, otherwise called: the DS, in Italy: then those who voted for him, are as fully responsible for the possibility of murder as he is. Italy, like South Africa: has a largely pro-life population, however: just like South Africa: certain influencial politicians: have completely ignored these opinions, on the sacredness of life.

Euthanasia is intrinsically evil: and is epitomized in the Nazi choice to "Euthanize" Jews, Homosexuals, and objectors to their regime.

If "Giorgio Napolitano" prevents "Eluana Englaro", from clutching onto life: against a decisive decision by the: "Council of Ministers", the "Republic of Italy"'s representation on the matter as yet: then he risks showing why the Catholic church openly condemns communism itself. He is noted as an ex-communist by reuters, however: his communist party was disbanded in 1992, wherein he has since joined Italy's left.

"Eluana Englaro", was transfered from a Catholic hospital: "Catholic clinic in Lecco "; to the pro-death, and complicit: "La Quiete clinic" ("Calmness Clinic"), in "Udine", Italy. "Eluana Englaro", has been in a Coma, on life support since 1991, and is now 37, according to archive reporting. Her Father: "Beppino Englaro", along with her neurologist: "Alberto Defanti": have been spicing up the killing of this woman: as peaceful: as though starving to death were peaceful.

The "council of ministers'" ruling co-insides with efforts, by "La Quiete clinic", to kill her: they have begun to starve her today. Leftist, ex-communist party: "Giorgio Napolitano": plans to prevent interference with the intentional killing of "Eluana Englaro".

His refusal to sign a bill labeled:

" “Urgent Provisions on Nutrition and Hydration,”"

Of which LifeSiteNews notes:

" The text of the law, entitled “Urgent Provisions on Nutrition and Hydration,” reads, “Pending the approval of a complete and comprehensive legislative framework in the field of end-of-life, nutrition and hydration, as forms of life support physiologically designed to alleviate suffering, cannot under any circumstances be rejected by the person concerned or suspended from caregiver subjects unable to provide for themselves.”

Today the Council of Ministers voted unanimously to support the measure despite the doubts of some. “Even those who had doubts were convinced to vote because the government has the opportunity to express its decision but also offers a way to Parliament to decide,” one member said. In November, legal expert Luca Silvestri told that a decree law was the best hope of stopping the court-mandated dehydration death of Eluana as well as protecting others by closing the legal “back door” to euthanasia by dehydration.

Thousands of pro-life groups and individuals across Italy have been begging the government to intervene. Archbishop Pietro Brollo of Udine said on Wednesday, “The only duty society has towards this young woman is to help her to live.”

“Udine is ready to embrace Eluana Englaro, a daughter of this land. Upon learning of her arrival, I ask first of all that this woman be guaranteed care, hydration, nutrition and every means that someone who is sick, particularly someone who is very incapacitated, is due by those who have the professional duty in conscience to provide a cure,” the archbishop wrote in a statement"

LifeSiteNews (Catholic; Independent; Canadian; Pro-Life) 06 / 02 / 2009)
According to Reuters: there is hope for Pro-lifers: they say:

"Berlusconi said that if the president did not sign the decree he would quickly call an emergency session of parliament -- where he has a comfortable majority -- to enact a law."

(Reuters (Secular; British; "Independent") 06 / Jan / 2009)

While some hope is seen in anywhere but Italy's President: the Vatican fears that the woman's father, and doctors, with the country's president complicit in such: could well manage to end the tragic life of: "Eluana Englaro".

Western Nations, in the grips of secularist, liberalism politics, and culture: have increasingly marginalized the weakest members of society: sufferers from illness, those needing care, and babies: unprotected in the womb. Support of popular musicians, such as the band U2, of groups like his which support the likes of "Human Rights Watch", or "Amnesty International": have caused any Catholic, or other supporting their music, or favorite causes: just as in the tragedy of any Catholic who supports "Amnesty International": to be complicit, in the intentional killing of children, unable to protect themselves: and still in the womb.

The pro-life movement allege a second, ten times larger holocaust in modern times: one which; like the original holocaust: is not apparent to those allowing it to continue. Hitler killed ten million helpless Jewish citizens of humankind. America alone has killed over fifty million babies: still helpless in the womb. Catholic structurally connected sources such as Britain's Tablet, or South Africa's "Southern Cross": need to assess their impact: in their choices to appose the Vatican on life or Family issues.

Support of Barak Obama: in the Southern Cross: is easily accessible to American voters: the fact: that this man has chosen to support what fits the material description of Article 2 section d of the UN (United Nations) declaration on the crime and punishment of Genocide: whether or not the children of his victims, are also alive, and victims: makes this beyond an issue of faith. The protection of children: and the prevention of societal decline: as is so clear in Europe's aging population: is both a human rights bombshell: and endangers global populations: and poverty.

British aims: at implementing a two child limit: and reducing population via abortion, and contraception: not only fits the UN declaration on Genocide, and incitement to Genocide: but further: raises suspicions as to why Britain would enact such, and what connection it could have to large immigrant populations, or to abortion groups.

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