Saturday 14 February 2009

Journey: Projected illusion: waves of light, of sound

(Journey: in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Darkness, then ...light.

Sounds blast, music sours, and a slightly odd sensation rules. The light bounces off: and images: like a mirror, or moving, flying window emerge. Ahead: a concert is playing, and it is as though the wall, where the projection is, it is flying, and confusing the mind.

As beautiful, and emotive sounds: flow, and softly take hold, as haunting melodies play forth: the mind cannot comprehend.

The understanding: it explains how people, and a whole other world, it appears on the wall, and how sounds erupt around. The mystery is: ...greater though. One must imagine the camera, and the sound recorder, yet the primitive mind erupts.

Confusion takes, and as waves: anxiety takes, and confusion, as the mind cannot comprehend.

Only a God with more than one person: could create a multi-person world, a world: where one produces another; produce another together.

Religion, is our meaning, our explanation of questions we seem programmed to ask. We seem designed to seek ritual, and love, and truth. Oddly enough: we seem designed, not chanced.

I watch, as I am privy to sound, to images: it is as though there, almost: ...I am in the crowd, and desire to clap as a sound erupts, and a voice carries.

Mystery is the nature of the world: and we are not designed to know all things as yet: but mystery is also how we protect the rights of men: by seeking real truth, and not avoiding truth: we cannot ignore the utter abuse of power by governments, and populaces in all the world.

Rather: religion: the pursuit of truth: this saves: and is how any non-Catholic can find the Catholic salvation: inside and out: ...we must be cautious ...however: if they are judges by their pursuit of truth, so shall we be. We must never stop seeking more intuitive truth: must never stop seeking to be better, must never be slightly content: for this is the sin by which we allow tens of millions to be murdered, and this is the genocide of the souls: by which so many Catholics probably go to hell.

Catholicism ... without religion, is pointless, it cannot save: even as Catholicism is the most perfect channel: canyon in which religion can resonate: it is the center in which all truth and true religion is maintained in the world: it is the mainframe: that which allows all others to pursue God: and those who know of her necessity, yet either refuse to enter or choose not to remain: in Her body: such are dead, they cannot find God: for they have abandoned religion: the pursuit of our truth: which all men are capable of.

At least: this is the Catholic meaning: the Catholic way!

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