Saturday 14 February 2009

Washington: USA, North America: watching the dessenting vote: as the Democrats "ruin" America's sustainibility, what the opposition is saying

(Insider Confessions Analysis; c.f. Inforumblog 13 / 02 / 09; Liberation (French; Secular; Liberal; Independent) 13 / 02 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

First Year Law students in South Africa: are wisely taught that the dissenting views, are as important as the agreeing views of judges: in looking at similar cases, in a cautious manner. By analyzing the dissent, we can understand the situation better: and have better hopes of winning other cases, future cases.

The United States Senate and government is going through such a stage: with no-one wanting to take responsibility for Mr Obama's controversial, and dangerous stimulus package. Liberation, a French language, French liberal paper: expresses the fact, that the position given to: Republican "Judd Gregg", which he later rejected over inherent differences with the US President: has seen more than one person offered it before him. It was hoped that "Judd greg", would help manage the US economy under Mr Obama.

The promises of Obama for bipartisan, inclusive governance: are long evaporated: he has attempted to force through bill after bill, and ignored many concerns of the watchdog of the opposition: who believe he is using short-term, dangerous means to attempt salvation of the American monotony.

His policies on global warming, and contraception are dangerous. A bailout for his abortionist backers: "Planned Parenthood", who were performing less murders of unborn children: was seen as pathetic, and efforts at "rescuing" the American economy by contraception: a policy which has created the aging workforce issue in Europe: was seen as not beneficial. The entire idea of constantly injecting more debt into the American economy, is seen as deadly by Republicans. Much of the stimulus package is just what got America into the situation in the first place: money which needs paying back.

Judd Gregg, has now withdrawn. it may be noted that his senate position would have been up for grabs to the Democrats, if he left it, however, he had already decided to join Obama's one influence government: before withdrawing.

America, is set to see the bill pass. Like South Africa: they will soon see the dangers of a state under the major influence of one party: of a party which ignores the opposition on many important issues.

It is how South Africa got away with prescribing onions as a treatment for aids, it is how South Africa has continued to prop up Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, against the international community.

America's choice to place an inexperienced politician, with ideology and empty promises behind him: instead of an experienced, and weathered: though imperfect Candidate in the job: has resulted in an already impractical, unimaginative policy.

How it is that the history of the communist and socialist world has been so ignored, is beyond reckoning: that free-market policies have been so abandoned, and that direct funding, rather than systematic and all-encompassing policies are adopted: is dangerous: in that it unbalances the system America is designed on. Funding buisinesses based on a structure may be acceptiblee, or based on individual issues: but America is ignoring the root cause of the issues, and simply seems to be keeping afloat failed enterprises. Not enough about the economy is known. America is endangering not only itself, but the world: by reckless policy.

What can be learnt: analysis of the dissenters: may well one day give a solution to the economic wreck of the western world: that perhaps can save it from the whirlpool, that unregulated, and unnatural markets have steered it towards: giving more steam to companies still heading in the same direction, is as an ineffective manner at curbing the problem, as giving condoms to those in hiv/aids areas. Like the need for marriage: and promotion of honesty, openness, and fidelity; is the need for responsible governance, and conservative, open, transparent, and human rights based market policies, along with intelligent, strategic economic direction, and stimulus projects: without all the liberal, and dangerous ideology, which has so hurt America in the past.

Without, also: America's dependence on cheap, and human rights ignoring labour: such as many plants in the east use for American companies, such as Disney, or Nike, such as dealings with nations which abuse the rights of women and those of different religiouns.

What interference is acceptable:

...responsible funding of business: and regulations which encourage natural responsible growth is.
America has relied too much on artificial markets, and foreign debt. Debt is like a boat taking on water. More debt, seems America's answer: this is short term. Perhaps their government should actually buy shares in enterprises, but more debt only postpones the inevitable, as with strait giving of money: it is seldomly spent on efficiency.

Governments must fund infrastructure, and create general measures; not specific bills: possibly ideas such as an economic development firm: based purely on what would make sustantive growth: and independent of government ideology. A research institute on economic policy, should certainly be set up: based on the experience, and capacity: and demonstration of success, and intelligence of persons: it must review which campanies have survaived, and why!

The communistic idea of a stimulus package: aimed at supporting failed companies: rather than at pruning an economy: and focusing on heathly business: and on supporting businesses which reduce executive pay before firing, and other such things: this could aid. If America: where to ban imports from human rights abuse nations: which use child labour, if they were to fund on poverty issues: based purely on the issue, and not on ideology: if we were to see programs aimed at jumpstarting an economy: rather than saturating it with cash: possibly: then government support is acceptable.

That Catholic Charities deal with 20% of the AIDS issue, with 2% of the fiunding, shows how deep the ideological bias goes: those doing most to combat disease, get hardly any of the resources.
Promotion of corruption via television, should also be curbed, as with bands, and childrens programs: which promote school killings: freedom of speach is not as important as the survival of a nation, nor is it anywhere as important as accountability and transparency: and accuracy of what is presented.

As it is: much of the money given the companies: will likely be wasted in the long term. The problem with electing a novice, and one connected politically with the banks at fault: lies in the fact: that rather than remaking and solving the economic system: the man is simply spending money in different directions. Government should be the framework in which economies and human rights flourish.
Obama: has almost entirely ignored his opposition in the US government.

Possibly, America may finally focus on sustainible development; and on the actual statistics of what grows or destroys economies. As it is: the rest of the world must heed America's naysayers: and realize that the need is to create a system which works: and then funnel monetry aid into that if necessary: in a tactical, competitive, and fair manner.

In either case, this is my humble analysis.

Note, rely on this analysis at your own risk, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect facts, or bad calculations of a fluid, dynamic and dangerous world and local economy. Views of danger, are based on personal perspective. I am not an economist, but simply an ordinary citizen. Use this information at your own risk!

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