Sunday 1 February 2009

A look at a family after a war in Gaza...

The after effects of war are so devastating and debilitating, psychologically and physically you have to wonder what was gained from it all? We are humans on both sides? Did either side gain anything. Families are devastated, innocent people killed ...their lives forever changed. What was gained from this Gaza / Israel war?

The question is larger than merely stopping Hamas missiles from landing in Israeli cities, though that might be justification enough for Israel's bombing and the ground operation. A nation like Israel, with enemies on all sides, wants to maintain an aura of invincibility if it is to have any chance at peaceful co-existence, is just one opinion of why this even happened. But the lives lost in Hamas and the terrorism, the innocent that reside there, there were innocent lives losts .... the question will always remain why or maybe that's just my question?

The story below is totally heart wrenching regardless what side you are on!!

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