Thursday 19 February 2009

Men and Women ... We Sin Differently

Men and Women...we sin differently, well that didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Most common sins for Men are: Lust, gluttony and sloth.

Most common sins for Women are: Pride, Envy and Anger.

Well I am back on sins and confession again or still. I am a woman and when I became aware of my faith and some sins my biggest one I think has always been “sloth” till now.

It is a sin to miss Sunday Mass if you are a Roman Catholic. At certain times in your life if you realize this it either bothers you or doesn’t at are willing to take the consequences. The consequences in my mind are that you are going to hell. Just the thought of that burning hot fire pit for eternity is enough of a visual to get me up and attending now, but it always wasn’t. I just assumed I wasn't ever going to hell, it was a guarantee, who knew, yes the word naive is coming to my mind?

I didn’t think it was a serious sin, lots of my friends didn’t go to church or miss constantly, this is very sad. We have churches everywhere; it’s not a lack of churches or access to them. We also have mass scheduled all day long in most perishes across the city ... no excuse. Just nothing at church seemed to ever interest me besides maybe falling asleep listening to the priest.

I missed lots of Sunday Mass’ and I am not at all proud, that was a sin. Usually, when I was younger my excuse was because I was out late Saturday night having fun with friends and didn't want to get up early to attend. I always prayed or talked to God anyway so that was my justification to missing it. I figured you didn’t have to pray in church, God was everywhere, I was wrong. Who said it had to be in church? Attending church and listening to the homily by the priest really does help you grow with your spiritual understanding and God says you need to be there.

Heaven is eternal peace and our ultimate goal; well it’s my goal now.
I do have to admit that the church I attend on Sundays does have a fairly good turn-out at all hours even on weekdays. Our dioceses is within the business district of a busy city so its full seven days a week.

But still at Christmas time and Easter church is overwhelmingly full, like a sold out concert, you are lucky to get in, if tickets were sold, I'd be buying off a scalper on Yonge Street. Everyone seems to think if they attend on these certain “special” holidays they make up for the lack of attendance throughout the year and that will or might cut them some slack getting into heaven. There is never a long line-up to attend confession, nobody seems to be sinning.

When God chooses you to learn something in this life the feeling is truly amazing. If I could bottle up this sensuous feeling I would be famous and a millionaire. I would gift this joy to everyone in the world I know and love. I asked for a sign and God certainly gave me one that changed my life away from sin.

Most of us get busy with jobs, work, kids’ hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, you name it sports games, parties, shopping and friends which always seem to take a priority to God and attending church. Church can open your eyes to sins.

God decided one day, he had heard enough of me begging for help and that my busy life was going to be taking a back seat to him for awhile. I was in for some lessons, lessons that were going to change my life. He was going to make me very aware of the meaning of “sin” and exactly what that conscience of mine has been trying to tell me, along with a specially chosen saint to answer my why's. We were choosen for a reason, to make us both learn something.

I am the luckiest girl to have been choosen to have had the most life altering experience of my entire life last summer and early enough in my life to enjoy it. I sometimes have to truly sit quietly to understand this gift and what I am to do with it. I truly believe with everything in me that God entered my life and chose me to learn a very serious lesson. God sent someone into my life, who completely seemed to have a mission to make me believe in myself and teach me to have faith, before anything else I needed to have hope. A life of sin was not what I was meant to be in ever, it would kill my soul.

True love meant believing in that faith and abiding the spiritual laws of God and that included not sinning. It would guarantee a beautiful spot in heaven and was worth the wait. God sent me a knight to tell me this like a spear through my heart, who claimed his love meant by following his conscience and love meant ensuring me heaven.

There are only seven sins which we are to follow and there are not any other updated lists that we need to consider. They are lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. Read them repeatedly and understand what each of them truly means regardless of your sex, each is equally important.

With our fast paced lifestyles and a media full of advertisements that include sex to sell, movies etc., it can become just a leering object to guide us all away from understanding the evils plaguing us beings in our catholic faith today towards sin.

I attend church now because I truly want to be in there, I have lots of time, its a priority, it makes me understand God and myself much better. I can truly say from that day on “sloth” will never be a sin I will need to be confessing, I will only have six to watch out for.

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